"ChatBots are like having a personal assistant who works 24/7, yet never needs bathroom breaks or ever calls off."

Conversational Marketing

"As a business owner, taking advantage of Facebook Messenger marketing means you are where people want you to be. You are speaking their language." ~ Mark Zuckerberg

Grow Your Business with Conversational Marketing!

Emerging technology is constantly changing how businesses market their products and services, which means that companies must remain adaptable to stay competitive.

Chatbots — computer-generated programs that use artificial intelligence (AI) to initiate and carry on conversations with consumers — have emerged to help online consumers select the most appropriate products and services to meet their needs, to answer frequently asked questions and to provide customer support after a sale.

A few examples...

Birthday Campaign 365

Imagine it's your birthday and your scrolling through your social media and out of nowhere you see an ad from a local business wishing you a Happy Birthday!  The ad  invites you and your friends to celebrate with them and even  gives you a very special gift.

Pretty Powerful...am I right!?

5 STAR Review Flow

After a purchase, provide your customers with a special link that directs them into a conversation with your ChatBot via FB Messenger.

IF they rate their experience anything less than "5-Stars," they are encouraged to say what would have made it a "5-Star" experience so that you can improve customer relations immediately (and deter anything besides  a 5-star review being publicly published online).

IF they rate their experience "5 Stars," they are encouraged to make an official public review for your future potential customers to read.  This dramatically increases your business "rating' when reviews are filtered in this manner.

Giveaway Contest Campaign

This VIRAL giveaway campaign not only serves as an awareness campaign to let people know you exist, it also serves as a creative way to build your contact list to send future promotions to.  

AND ...did I mention that it generates real revenue before the contest is even over?

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